About Emulcom

The factory’s location

Завод ЭмулькомThe factory’s location is close to Moscow (18 km away from ring road), nearby Zelenograd city. It is easy to approach it by Leningradskoe highway, short distance from all emulsions consumers in Moscow area and nearby areas. That’s why delivery doesn’t take much time.

The principles of our work:

1. High level of service. We are able to do the work (technology & delivery) under the most exacting consumer.
2. The manufacturing of high-quality production. The quality lays on the base every stage of work.
3 . Use of modern technologies. All production is based on the newest technologies and long-term experience of the European companies.
4 The qualified staff. Engineers and workers regularly pass training under the guidance of the European experts.

Our partners:


The manufacture

All basic technological processes are performed with the newest equipment, imported from foreign companies: APV , LIGHTNIN, ICI CALDAIE, VIKING, SIEMENS.
The raw materials control.Предприятие ЭмулькомThe strict supervision over technological modes, at each stage, with the intermediate laboratory tests.
The laboratory control over ready emulsions - tests for conformity with the declared requests.

The shipment
  • The loading kinds – depending on the requirements of our clients.
  • IBC
  • Barrel
  • The tank truck
What do we produce?

The wax emulsion AQUAWAX -used as uptake water agent in production Particle Board, MDF,OSB.

The oil emulsion AQUADAST – used as dust-binding agent in the manufacture of heat-insulating materials from mineral fibers:in glass wool and rockwool materials


Open Certificate Aquawax

Open Certificate Aquadast

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